Open Source Bootcamp

Join our summer Bootcamp and get ready to kick start your career as an Open Source and DevOps consultant. This 8-week training complements your academic background with hands-on professional experience while getting paid.


The first two weeks, we teach you the basic principles of DevOps and Open Source.


You choose a project of interest and receive the guidance of a senior consultant.

How we train you

This Open Source training focuses on best practices and methods rather than specific tooling. We know tooling will differ between projects when working as a consultant, and with this approach, we teach patterns on how to solve every issue.

What we find very important is that you learn from the most experienced colleagues. Next to the technical trainings we teach you a set of soft skills for you to become a true team player.

What you will learn

Git version control

You will learn to understand why Git is around and why you should use it. We start with the inner concepts and some background on version control tools. You will also learn how to get Git running on your computer together with best practices.

Linux and Modern infrastructure

We teach you what it means to be a Linux System administrator. You will learn about users and permissions, package management, storage, init systems, and automated principles with Ansible and Puppet.

Container orchestration

What is the difference between virtual machines and containers? You will learn how to run containers, create container images, and handle container data storage. You will study container orchestration tools as Nomad and Kubernetes.

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

You will learn how to build and maintain reproducible environments that are tested in their entirety. We touch CI/CD tools like Jenkins and Gitlab CI and introduce concepts as pipeline as code, artifacts, reproducibility, and promotions.

Monitoring and observability

This module gives you an introduction to Prometheus, Jaeger, Cortex, and its entire ecosystem. You will learn the difference between monitoring and observability and how to make services observable with metrics, logs, and traces.

Configuration management

We introduce tools such as Ansible and Puppet for you to learn how to manage complex server parks. You will learn all about infrastructure as code and how to classify your servers and build up a reproducible infrastructure.

Are you an Open Source enthusiast?

The biggest requirement for us is that you have a passion for Open Source and DevOps. If you share this mindset, you will love our environment that goes about knowledge sharing and friendship.

During the Bootcamp, you meet other joiners with the same passion. You rely on each other and learn to work in a team.

Meet the mentors

Everybody will will become your mentor. We are a community of like minded people and focus on growing as a team. Via online chat and conference calls, everybody is just a click away, ready to answer every question.

Kris Buytaert

Kris is a long time Linux and Open Source Consultant. He’s one of instigators of the DevOps movement. He is frequently speaking at, or organizing different international conferences.


Julien Pivotto

Julien is a member of the Prometheus and Grafana community and as an Open-Source consultant he is helping organisations with the deployment of long-term solutions.


Jan Collijs

When Jan is not working as an Open Source consultant he teaches everything from Linux basics to advanced solutions based on Open-Source infrastructures at PXL hogeschool.


Ready to kick start your career?

Send in your resume and we will schedule a meeting for you to meet one of the mentors