Inuits for Ukraine

The horrible events in Ukraine have shaken the entire Inuits family to its core. Our Kyiv office has been part of our warm, close-knit family for a long time.

As from Thursday Feb 24th, we supported, and we will continue to do so. Read all about our initiatives on this page and and help Ukraine by depositing voluntary donations.

Help Ukraine by depositing donations to BE96 1431 1936 8305 with your name and email in the statement.

Shelter and supplies

We are offering shelter to those seeking safer havens. Some of our colleagues opened up their homes and in Poland we turned 50% of our office space into a refugee shelter. We have also organized collections to help refugees start over.


We have set up a collaboration with the dr. Henryk Jordan youth care that is organizing care for children from Ukraine. We gave our team extra holidays to spend time with the children in the care center.


We realize more help is needed in Ukraine itself, that is why we have set up two fundraising campaigns to support local initiatives. Consider contributing yourself, even the smallest contributions are greatly appreciated and go directly to the selected initiative.

Fundraising for direct humanitarian aid

Our dear colleague Valery is providing humanitarian aid on the ground by supplying those in need with the necessary means for survival: food, medicine, etc. As Inuits family, we want to financially support his actions so he can continue helping as many people as possible.

Help Ukraine by depositing donations to BE96 1431 1936 8305 with your name and email in the statement.

Fundraising for hospitals

We have also personal contact with two hospitals in Ukraine: the Rivne Regional Clinical Hospital and the Khmelnitsky NPP. They provide us lists of urgent items like gloves, bandages, cannulas, syringes, hemostatic tourniquets, stretchers, etc. More information on this fundraiser can be found on this page:

Update 07/04

The hospital in Rivne just received a first shipment of 30 stretchers.