Ready to dive into Open Source?

Did you know penguins jump into the air before diving into the water? They release air bubbles from their feathers, tripling their speed underwater.


Techies Teach Techies

We believe true innovation is possible when the Open Source mentality lives in every aspect of a company. By working together and sharing our knowledge we become Open Source experts. That is why every Last Friday of the month we organize a day with presentations and workshops. All employees from different offices come together and educate each other.

Penguin Fact

Penguins live in communities, making it easier to find others who are passionate about Open Source.

The Inuits values

Open Source

We interact as friends and continually share our knowledge.


By listening to the ideas of all employees, we are able to be innovative.


Technology is a fast-paced industry, and solutions are found by working together.


Inuits is a growing company and you decide how you want to develop your career.

Working as an Open Source consultant

Working in consultancy brings along some questions on what to expect of your assignment. We will guide you into finding the right challenge.

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Five steps for a perfect dive

You apply

Send us an email with your CV. If your profile is what we are looking for we will contact you within 1 week

We call you

In a first phone call, we run over your necessary information and your motivation. We will schedule the first meeting.

Interview & screening

Our recruiter will talk about your ambitions. Secondly, you will speak with an expert about your technical experiences.

Meet our tribe leader

In the last meeting, you will meet our tribe leader. You will talk more in-depth about your skills, the job description, and who you are.

We propose an offer

Are you ready to dive into Open Source?


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