Linux System Engineer

Hi! Thank you for taking an interest in our job posting. Before diving into what we are looking for, we will shortly introduce Inuits. If you have any questions, please ask!

Since 2007, Inuits is the industry leader in Open Source expertise in Belgium. With multi-functional teams, we integrate end-to-end technology solutions tailored to the customer. We strive for long-term collaborations and guide clients towards a sustainable digital strategy focused on innovation.

That is where you come in because we need an extra pair of hands for our increasing demand.

Job Description

First of all, we do not believe in fixed job descriptions. We write out this job listing to shortly pitch what we feel is important. But we also want to listen to you and what your interest are.

You are a Linux System Engineer, and you can switch your toolset at a fast pace.

  • Your mind is set to deployment, testing, monitoring, metrics, scalability ,resilience, automation and reproducibility
  • You will work within a cross-functional team of Open Source enthusiasts.

Sounds Something For You? Then You…

  • have experience in proven open source technologies
  • have an open source and devops mindset
  • have an agile mindset
  • are fluent in English
  • are interested in learning new things, and you are flexible.
  • have good communication skills and are flexible

Five Reasons To Apply

  • Monthly company meetups during which we organize technical training in a relaxed environment.
  • We encourage you to pursue your ideas and interest and provide the opportunity to evolve within your role and career.
  • You can attend or speak at industry-specific conferences all over the world during work hours.
  • You will work in a friendly environment, which will make you feel at home and where truly everyone is always ready to help.
  • We organize team events during which your family and friends are also welcome to join.

We just gave five reasons, but you don’t spill everything at once right? Let’s book a date to meet each other!

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