Business analytics

Observability doesn’t stop with the state of your application but can also give you insights into your business targets. Based upon your KPI’s, metrics are collected and displayed on an easy to read dashboard.


Build reliable solutions with real-time visibility into your business targets.


Learn more about your visitors and how they behave and interacte with your application.

Grow your business

  • Map your business targets on a user-friendly dashboard and measure your KPI’s
  • Make thoughtful decisions based on the behavior of the users within your application.
  • Create extensive reports and discover how your users behave in your application

They learn from their data


Together with Inuits, we looked for the most relevant KPIs related to our day-to-day work. We can create flexible dashboards providing us with insightful business information at a glimpse of the eye.


We needed to have an overview of customers’ key touchpoints and collect the data that would help us learn more about user behaviour. The dashboards created by Inuits gave us these insights and continuously helps us to improve our platform.