Open Source as our DNA

Since 2007 we are the leading Open Source Integrators in Europe. Our story started in an Igloo in Belgium but our ambitions to be close to our clients and employees resulted in a quest to conquer Europe.


Inuits was founded and quickly became a team of 20+ employees.


We became part of the DevOps movement with in-house experts. One year later, with Media Salsa, digital asset management became part of our solution stack.


The first European Igloos opened its doors in Ukraine. Years of research in the domain of track-and-trace resulted in a reliable Internet-of-Things platform.


We had our first of many business process management projects in “boekentoren” in Ghent. To be close to our customers and employees, the second Belgium office opened its doors in Ghent. In 2014, we started expanding to the Czech Republic with two new Igloos.


We developed a Point-of-Sale and customized it for costumers from the leisure industry to the public sector.


What started as a project focused on innovating the transport industry, resulted in a new company, called HAKKA. With a growing customer base in the port of Antwerp, we decide to start an Igloo in the Beacon in Antwerp.

2019 - …

Today we are a company with 100+ employees working for 30+ customers in more than 10 different industries. With new Igloos in Hasselt and Poland, we continue our quest to expand our Open Source community.


Meet our cultural symbol

The Inukshuk is a symbol of leadership encouraging the importance of friendship. It reminds us of our dependence upon one another. The Inukshuk functions as a compass both for our clients and employees.

How we became experts

Daily, there are more than 100 Inuit present in 5 countries. With their expertise and knowledge they contribute to numerous projects for major companies in Belgium and Europe. We believe true innovation is possible when the Open Source mentality lives in every aspect of a company. By working together and knowledge sharing we have become Open Source experts.

Let's work together?