Business solutions

We bring Open Source to companies and governments to build innovative solutions based upon best practices. With the expertise of a community of 120+ experts, we handle anything from complex data solutions to user-friendly applications, websites, and process automation.


We build mobile applications that create unexpected experiences.


We simplify your complex processes into a user-friendly application that saves you time and money.

Your Application as a Service

With a DevOps mindset, we build every idea into Your Application as a Service.

  • During workshops, we analyse the situation according to your business needs.
  • With an Agile approach, a dedicated team builds a user-friendly and reliable application in no time.
  • We take full ownership and maintain your application allowing you to focus on your core business

Discover our solutions

We build innovative solutions that create an extraordinary experience. Our customers are active in sectors going from the transport and port industry to aviation as well as the public sector.

Looking for more efficient business processes? Our BPM engine allows you to automate, monitor and maintain all your business processes.

Looking for an internet of things solution? The Inuits Internet of Things platform make it possible for machines to communicate with each other.

Looking for an all inclusive point of sale? We provide a modular software platform with a strong integration of all the different modules.

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