A planning system for secure and faster deliveries

The BASF site in the Port of Antwerp handles a large number of incoming and outgoing trucks daily. For each shipment a loading timeslot needs to be booked in advance, which due to numerous reasons (traffic jam, unavailable empty equipment, …) cannot always be maintained by the driver.

In order to improve this, BASF created a pick & drop zone to buffer equipment (tank trucks and tank contain- ers), enabling dedicated drivers to perform multiple loadings per day without unforeseen delays or hiccups for the loading stations. Inuits created an access control system to this pick and drop zone.

The tool allows carriers to announce a pick-up and/or drop-off in an application, receiving a PIN code. With that PIN code, the drivers can access the pick & drop zone at BASF within a specific time frame in order to move the respective equipment. The PIN code allows a very restricted use of the zone (dedicated drivers) and enables BASF to identify each individual visitor/move.

This solution creates a smoother balancing at the loading station, com- bined with an increased availability of nearby empty equipment. Carriers reduce empty rides and hence reduce the cost per trip. Furthermore, there are fewer ad hoc drivers on-site, creating a safer environment.

The result

Reduction of ad hoc drivers on site

Reduction of empty rides

Increased availability of nearby empty equipment

Increased adherence to planned loading slots
“Inuits went to great lengths to deliver a tailor-made solution that checked all the boxes in a very challenging timeframe, they were certainly a pleasure to work with.”
Katleen Verloo - Logistics Optimizations