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“De Boekentoren” in Ghent is a university library, containing more than three million books. Ghent University uses the Flowable workflow engine in combination with a custom front-end application.

All workflows related to library management are modulated with the Flowable engine. Our consultants assist in the draw out for the process of loaning books, the process of interlibrary loan traffic, the digitalization of books and magazines, etc.

Client-centered library

Lending a book or requesting a digital document with accurate information provides the ultimate service to the end-user. This online library application shows all relevant information, including dates and locations. The information is orchestrated by the flowable engine and in real-time displayed on the user application.

Automate library processes with BPMN 2.0 and Flowable

BPMN 2.0 models consist of graphical elements representing different parts of a process. With a user-friendly modeler application, development isn’t required to draw out complex business processes. The Flowable engine handles these BPMN models, resulting in automated library services. In general, every repetitive administrative task can be automated with Flowable.

Digitize a library in a structured manner

Ghent University Library offers a service to request digital versions of articles and books. However, not every document has a digital version. Instead of tackling these issues all at once, we created an automated flow to digitize new documents when requested.

The required tasks will be created step by step and assigned to a librarian, a scan operator or other staff. When the requested digital version is available, the customer receives a notification.

The result

Less administration

Faster book collection

Online access to print items in library

Improved interlibrary loans
“Over the years, Inuits has become a trusted partner for our innovation projects.”
Dries Moreels - Head Librarian