A track-and-trace system for a safer city

In the context of the smart city Antwerp, the goal of the Local Police is to become a smart agent in a digitalized city. To guarantee public safety in a growing city, the police needs to increase its visibility on the streets. Inuits contribute to increased efficiency of the police force with a smart track and trace system installed in police vehicles. This project is all about data which flow between sensors in vehicles and data centers. The Local Police of Antwerp requested a system to processes enormous amounts of data efficiently and securely. The data go through a three-step process of collect, process, and report.

How the solution is built

This solution built by Inuits is based upon our internet of things platform making it possible for machines to communicate with each other. The primary advantage is its hardware independence and easy implementation with external applica- tions. Moreover, the solutions are usable in multiple different sectors.

More efficient workflows

The track-and-trace system creates more efficient workflows for the Local Police of Antwerp. On the one hand, we created a smart dispatching system and on the other hand, enormous amounts of data of the police fleet offer intelligent insights.

The result

Advanced fleetmanagement

Smart dispatching

Focus integration

More efficient police service
“The decisive factor for Police Zone Antwerp was Inuits open platform on which their track and trace solution is based. This allows us, on the one hand, to quickly disclose the information to other applica- tions and, on the other hand, to enrich the information about fleet reporting from other applications without being dependent on a supplier. During the cooperation, there was always a constructive atmosphere. Maximum thought was given to come to solutions that meet the customized needs of a large police force.”
Maarten Torfs - ICT Manager