A mobile application to give the youth a voice in today's social topics

Together with ArteveldeHogeschool and Ambrassade, we created a cutting-edge application, presenting the youth with questions and tips applicable to their everyday life.

Daily the application presents the user with three new questions varying from education and welfare to leisure and health. The following day, the survey results are available for comparison with peers. The application lets the youth discover how others think and widens their view on today’s diversity. The questions are accompanied by a daily tip to learn more on the questioned topics. These tips can both be relaxing and educational. Waddist is definitely not a one-way communication platform. That is why all users can submit their burning questions within the application.

From ideation to a gamified application.

Next to the application development, we created a new logo and color palette for the Waddist application. With this new brand identity, we designed a user-friendly application that speaks to young people. We gamified the application by adding trophies that can unlock new themes for the design.

We created the application in React native because the application had to be available on both iOS and Android devices. With React Native, you can use the same code for deployment on iOS and Android resulting in less development time and cost.

Next to the mobile application, we created a web application displaying a dashboard for researchers. Within this web application, all questions and tips are scheduled. The export function allows researchers to export question results for academic research.

Why Waddist?

There is a lot of talk about young people. But Waddist thinks there is not enough talk with young people. Waddist wants to know what really is going on in today’s youth. By using a mobile application that looks and feels related to their world, Waddist can really connect to this target audience.

Waddist anonymously finds out what young people think, want, and need. These results are then used to strengthen the position of children and young people in society. The ultimate goal is to contribute to their happiness and well-being.

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