A Spotlight On Our Interns

Every year, Inuits guides many interns and provide them with valuable experiences and the chance to work alongside our open source specialists.

As a growing company, we understand the importance of investing in the next generation of tech talent. That’s why we offer internship opportunities for students and recent graduates, passionate about open source technology and eager to learn.

This year we welcome 11 new interns into our company who all have a dedicated assignment accustomed to their interests and talents.

Our interns are working on different assignments ranging from software development to security and systems engineering to marketing.

In this post, we’ll share our intern experiences and highlight the benefits for the interns and our company. Let’s dive in!

A personalized internship

What is it that you do at Inuits?

Inuits developed an open source digital asset management system (DAMS) for CoGhent, a project that features a digital museum of around 60,000 historical works from the Belgian city of Ghent.

DAMS is a platform allowing organizations to store, organize, manage, and retrieve digital assets such as images, videos, audio files, documents, and other multimedia content. Currently, three interns are working on this project: Bjarne, Youssef, and Jonas.

Bjarne/Youssef/Jonas - “We’re working on the front-end programming for the DAMS application. We’re building a small piece of a larger puzzle in which an image gets converted to plain text. And this is the functionality we have to extent the DAMS tool with.”

Andreo - “I’m working with tools like Traefik, coding with Python, and I’m making an automatic certificate manager that manages certificates from different domains. Right now, we’re using the community edition, which can only manage certificates from one cluster. And my task is to make an API that can handle different clusters at the same time. It’s a very challenging task, but I’m up for a challenge.”

Jens/Nick“We research the difference between Alma Linux 8 to Alma Linux 9. Linux is the internal infrastructure of Inuits, they currently run on Ama Linux 8. It’s our job to research the in’s-and-out of Alma Linux 9, and to develop a step-by-step plan on how to change to Alma Linux 9 efficiently. “

Currently, two interns are part of our security team, Tanguy and Jordy. They are researching the advantages and disadvantages of various security tools so that Inuits can continuously upgrade the security we are offering to our clients.

Jordy - “I’m researching the differences between two security tools, Tracee and Falco. They are both security tools that monitor the behavior of computers/machines with the help of eBPF. This behavior is being compared to a set of rules to alarm the end-user when suspicious activities have occurred on the computer/machine. At the end of my research, I will try to find the best fit for Inuits and its clients and implement it into the network.”

Tanguy - “I’m working on setting up Vuls, which is an open source vulnerability scanner. You can install Vuls on a server, and then scan the same or other servers with the help of SSH. VULS will then compare the packages which it finds with a databank of well-known vulnerabilities. If it sees that there is a package on the server that overlaps with one that it finds in the databank, it will show it in the form of a report which is also created by Vuls. There’s another corresponding tool, VulsRepo, which shows this report visually. On top of that, I’m currently also working a lot with Puppet.”

Certiweight is a logstics service provider for which we developed an application that automates the process of scanning and weighing containers. One of our interns, Julie, is currently working on this application.

Julie - “I’m working on a project for Certiweight. Their goal is to make their registration process more efficient. At the moment, the driver still needs to leave the vehicle to enter the building to register. The idea is that the company will be able to register online pre-arrival so that when the driver arrives, Certiweight will simply scan the container number and open the barrier without the driver having to leave the vehicle. My part in this project is that I make the code that scans the container number, which will trigger the databank to open the barrier”

Our work ethics

How will this internship contribute to your professional goals?

Jonas - “This is what I want to do as a job, I want to code as a career and get the best at it that I can get. So this internship is perfect for me to accomplish this goal.”

Tanguy - “I’m learning to work with Puppet, which is another way of using infrastructure as code. At HoGent we have learned to work with Ansible, but that is a different way of working. So, at this internship I’m learning to work with a new language which will help me in the long run.”

How do you experience the working culture at Inuits?

Andreo - “People here take a lot of pride in the flat hierarchy. So there’s no one higher up. If you want to ask questions, you can just ask anyone. Everybody wants to help, even the people in the sales department have some knowledge about IT so you can literally ask anyone.”

Jonas - “For me it’s essential that the working culture suits me. Inuits has a unique working culture that aligns perfectly with my own thoughts and beliefs. You can perceive it as a flat organization, which means you can approach everyone and that’s very important to me.”

Jens - “The Inuits working culture is open and flexible, just like open source.”

Our interns are valuable to us

Alexander – employee at Inuits: “I’m happy to say that I’m very pleased with the interns that started their assignment at Inuits this year! It’s a mixed group of talented young potentials that also fit perfectly in our company culture. They socialize with colleagues, are eager to learn and prove they possess the necessary skills, attitude, perseverance and of course interest in open source software. Even more so they all like rice cake (favourite cake at Inuits), know how to make the perfect cappuccino and have a great sense of humor. All of these make them the perfect fit for our community!”


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