The oldest building in Antwerp equipped with a state-of-the-art Point of Sale system.

Het Steen in Antwerp is the last remaining witness of what used to be a walled fortress. Today, this historical masterpiece is being renewed into a tourist reception center for visitors as well as for citizens. For the next upcoming months our team will build and implement a custom Point of Sale system.

A historical masterpiece as a touristic center

The renewed Het Steen is much more than a reception where visitors can receive city information or buy tickets. Inside this majestic building, you can find a city store and a sitting area looking over the Scheldt. An interactive trail tells visitors and residents more about the history and identity of the city and the building itself.

Thanks to a new quay at Het Steen, cruises can moor in the heart of the historic center. Passengers who arrive can then immediately start getting acquainted with the city.

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Our solution

With our experience in end-to-end point of sale systems, we will create a tailor-made application for het Steen. The Symfony back-end application and Angular front-end will make it possible for visitors to check out their purchases at a kiosk. If necessary, support can be given by a city employee. The multitenant application then shows additional functionalities to assist the purchase.

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Our platform is built with Open Source technologies, and we only make use of Open Standards. This approach creates the biggest advantage of the platform, making it entirely hardware independent. The solution is web-based and is available in all web browsers and devices. Custom integrations with everything from software to hardware are made possible with our platform.

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