How we created an Open Source training platform

Inuits started as a group of friends with a passion for Open Source. Over the years, we grew into a community of +140 like-minded people. What do we all have in common? A passion for Open Source and sharing this knowledge.

We co-organized DevOps Days and thrived on enthusiasm. We spoke and visited tech conferences all over the world.

We encourage people to share expertise and work collaboratively to find the best solution for each project. We learn from each other and how projects have been executed (successfully or not) in the past. We do this by organizing monthly meetups.

Growing as an organization taking up larger projects also means training junior employees to get them up to speed.

From passion to a knowledge platform

That is why we worked hard the past years on collecting all this internal knowledge and converted it into professional training material. We created focus groups on specific topics that communicate regularly to share their expertise and best practices. These different focus group sessions iteratively evolve in standardized training courses.

It evolved into a knowledge platform, giving everyone involved access to niche expertise in various Open Source fields. We introduce you to the Inuits knowledge center.

Knowledge center

The knowledge center is a training institution for all the employees of Inuits but also external partners. Every training is created and taught by experts with relevant experience.

Today we have nine different courses for both developers and operations people. As our community grows, we grow our knowledge and expertise that we will transform into new courses.

The goal of the knowledge center is to be the go-to place for Open Source training.

Got any questions about one of our courses? [Get in touch](mailto: and we will tell you all about it.

Customer Case: Training at VITO

VITO is an independent Flemish research organization in cleantech and sustainable development. We have been working with them for more than five years now, with different consultancy assignments about system engineering. As they were satisfied with the expertise of our consultants, they asked us to organize our internal Open source training for their employees.

VITO had two target groups for which they wanted to organize an Open Source training. The first group is experienced System Engineers unfamiliar with the latest Open Source tooling, and the second group was a mix of Software and DevOps Engineers.

Every training is created with a DevOps mindset and is educational both for Developers and Operations people. With a total of five training days spread over four weeks, we organized sessions about:

  • Modern Operations: In this training, we teach modern operations practices and expand the software toolbox.

  • Introduction to Containers: In this course, we taught topics as running containers, container images, and container data storage.

  • Introduction to Kubernetes: With this training, we expand the knowledge from the container training with a thorough overview of Kubernetes.

  • Introduction to CICD: During the CICD training, we talked about Pipeline as Code, Jenkins, and GitLab CI.

Every course has theoretical concepts complemented with hands-on sessions and taught by a Senior System Engineer with expert-level knowledge of the specific topic. Due to applicable COVID-19 measures, we organized the training via BigBlueButton, an Open Source web conferencing tool with a strong focus on online teaching.

“ Inuits proved to be flexible and succeeded to differentiate across both groups, making it a valuable experience for all team members!”
Dirk Daems - System architect & team lead at VITO