Inuits wrapped 2021

Top Open Source Technologies

Day in day out, we work on challenging projects varying from development to infrastructure. All these projects have one thing in common. We only use Open Source technologies.

We asked everybody at Inuits to share their top three Open Source technologies of 2021. In this overview, we present the top five Open Source technologies used by Inuits.

Inuits wrapped

Besides Open Source and technology, we are passionate about music. With the latest Spotify wrapped playlists coming out, we created the Inuits wrapped 2021 playlist. Check out the number one songs of the people working at Inuits and enjoy a healthy mix of Dance, Metal, R&B, and Rap!

A career in Open Source

Inuits is growing, and our community can welcome at least ten new colleagues who are passionate about Open Source. We are looking for front-end, back-end, and system engineers.

When you work on one of our new challenging projects, we guard you don’t lose that essential connection with Open Source and your colleagues. You can always count on the guidance of colleagues and stay connected via online chat, conference calls, and events.

Visit our job website and read more about our community and the open vacancies.