A football club with a focus on its youth

In 2019 two football clubs, close to our headquarters, merged into Excelsior Mariaburg. Their goal? As much as possible own players in an A-team that plays in a league as high as possible. Inuits is proud to support this ambitious and inspiring football club.

How to achieve this goal?

They invest in their youth! All the Excelsior Mariaburg players enjoy high-quality and well-balanced youth education. By using responsible training methods, according to a sophisticated learning plan they can provide and educate a pleasurable experience. Excelsior Mariaburg features numerous football experts who are committed to the well-being of these young people.

Why do we support Excelsior Mariaburg?

The foremost reason is the educational vision. Here at Inuits, we envision the same mindset. Long before people are graduated, we offer talented people a chance to experience relevant work adventures. In 2019, we had more than 10 interns and students enjoying high-quality training from our Open Source experts.